In EU-Citizen.Science, VA will develop a European platform for citizen science, together with 13 other European organisations. Partners include universities, civil society organisations and museums. Funded by the EU, the project is coordinated by the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

Citizen science is, in brief, about members of the public and researchers working together to develop new scientific knowledge. Often citizen science projects are initiated by researchers who want to engage the public in collecting data (e.g. water samples), but the concept also includes initiatives by citizens or civil society organisations interested in exploring a certain issue with scientific methods.

The purpose of EU-Citizen.Science is to create a European platform for citizen science. The platform will make it easier for researchers to use citizen science in their own research, for citizens to find projects to participate in, for policy makers (e.g. in business or local government) to find results for better policies, and for teachers to use citizen science in their teaching practice.

Project partners:

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The project’s website.

For more information about the project, please contact Fredrik Brounéus.

See also ARCS – Arenas for Cooperation through Citizen Science – a portal for Swedish citizen science.

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