Science engagement is understood and practised very differently in each region around the world. The Falling Walls Engage Hubs bring together science engagers from all over the world. These international community events connect local scientific communities with international science engagement initiatives. The Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden connects international and Nordic-Baltic science engagement practitioners.

The aim with Hub Sweden is to explore the science engagement landscape in Northern Europe and to exchange ideas and best practices on science engagement with engagers globally. The network is coordinated by Vetenskap & Allmänhet, and is a part of the Falling Walls Engage international network.

The mission is to connect people across all fields of science engagement through international exchange. Hub participants take part in peer-group workshops and can learn from best-practice examples. The hubs also provide the opportunity for participants to increase the visibility of their projects.

The Swedish hub will organise regular physical and online meetings. During our forthcoming events we will take a closer look at the Northern European perspective and join the global conversation on science engagement. Members of the network will also be able to join activities and events organised by the other international hubs.

International Eftersnack – watch the get together after the Swedish Forum for Science Communication

An hour of informal networking and knowledge exchange followed the Swedish Forum for Science Communication on 14 April 2021. Watch the discussion about new tools, tricks and lessons learned during the pandemic and share visions and hopes for the future. 

Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden went virtual – Hub Launch 2020

A lot is happening right now regarding expanding online or transforming into the digital sphere to keep science engagement initiatives up and running. For our first hub meeting in 2020, we headed online to stay connected while maintaining our distance. This also served as an opportunity to get inspired to test new ways to connect with communities online and offline, potentially reach new target groups, and establish a plan B in times of need.  

During our first virtual Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden workshop “How to engage the public in science when you cannot meet in person?” we discussed and exchanged ideas on how to create meaningful online science engagement. The virtual workshop took place on 27 April and 4 May 2020.

Contact and more information

If you would like to connect with us or find out more information, please get in touch with Maria Hagardt co-ordinator of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden. Find out more about the other International Hubs; Australia, Argentina, Canada and Kenya and their activities. 

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Read the latest about the Swedish Hub:

| Vetenskap & Allmänhet

Visions of future science communication – International Informal Get together

The aim of the Falling Walls International hubs is to connect the local and regional Science Engagement networks with the global Falling Walls community. In connection to the Swedish Forum for Science Communication on 14 April, some 50 international science engagers gathered for an hour of “Eftersnack”, an informal networking and knowledge exchange organised by Hub Sweden.

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| Vetenskap & Allmänhet

How to engage online when we cannot meet in person – Launch of Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden

The COVID-19 pandemic took us all off-guard. From one day to another cities, regions and countries closed down. Conferences, science festivals and project meetings were postponed or cancelled. Well into the preparations of our very first Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden meeting, we quickly had to adapt to the new situation. In late April and the beginning of May, 25 science engagers from 16 countries participated in an online interactive workshop, marking the launch of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Sweden.

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