CitSciVirtual 2021 – VA at Citizen Science conference


12 maj 2021, kl. 12:00–13:30
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Fredrik Brounéus, researcher at Vetenskap & Allmänhet ( Public & Science) and engaged in the development of a national Swedish portal as well as a European platform for citizen science, is a part of the workshop A Collaborative Endeavour to Develop Criteria for Citizen Science Platforms på CitSciVirtual 2021. Vetenskap & Allmänhet also contributes with posters about the Newsevaluater and our Massexperiments.

Photo: Erik Cronberg – VA (Public & Science)

About the workshop

Citizen science (cs) platforms have emerged in recent years at regional, national and international level. A current challenge for platform coordinators is to determine which projects to include on their online portals. This requires a transparent evaluation process which ensures the credibility of the platforms as well as the trust in citizen science in general and should not be restrictive towards new and alternative citizen science movements. In this workshop, the ECSA working group “Citizen Science Networks” is inviting cs practitioners, participants and researchers to collaborate in a process to develop such criteria together (so-called “ECSA-WG-criteria”).


Daniel Dörler (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), Florian Heigl (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), Gitte Kragh (Aarhus University), Annelies Duerinckx (Scivil), Cristina Luis (University of Lisbon), Karen Soacha,(Open University of Catalonia, Institute of Marine Sciences), Barcelona; Fredrik Brounéus, VA (Public & Science), Patricia Tiago (University of Lisbon), Darlene Cavalier (SciStarter)

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