Fredrik Brounéus

Photo: Gustaf Waesterberg

Fredrik Brounéus

Researcher & Press Officer

Mobile: +46 (0) 70 799 07 91
Email: [email protected]

I’m involved in many of VA’s projects related to citizen science. A couple of examples are the ForskarFredag annual mass experiments and the development of a national Swedish portal as well as a European platform for citizen science. It’s interesting to follow interactions between professional researchers and citizen scientists, and how it leads to new knowledge and insights.

As a researcher I am primarily involved in our long-running Science in Society project, which includes a new research project investigating people’s understanding of the humanities. I am also responsible for the News Evaluator project and VA’s media relations.

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  1. Luisa María Fraga Trillo |

    I really love the initiative. Transparency and connection between science and society is one of our pending challenges. It would be great if any information available about different ways to collaborate for a ”passionate about chemistry”.
    Thanks in advance for your help !
    Best regards!!