Bioekonomi workshop

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08 jul 2019

Ministry of Education and Culture

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Everyone is invited to take part in a workshop on ’The role of communication and education to promote changes in purchase habits and increase the adoption of bio-based products’.

The mobilisation and mutual learning workshop will bring together EU funded projects, European Platforms and Networks, Member states networks, together with quadruple helix stakeholders dealing with communication and awareness raising, to support the European Bioeconomy Strategy through communication activities.

The workshop will promote the discussion and sharing of lessons learned and best communication practices, formats and channels; successful activities, multipliers to be involved; messages and arguments to be used (in terms of style, scope, terminology), etc.

VA is represented at the workshop as a Bloom partner.

This is a side event of the Bioeconomy Conference ”European Bioeconomy Scene 2019”, which will take place on 9th of July, in order to achieve an inclusive and sustainable bioeconomy for Europe. (Registration for this is open until 30 April 2019.)

The registration to the workshop is free of charge, but requested.

Read more about the agenda and register at the Biovoices platform.

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