Getting the facts straight – new UK fact checking resource launched

Political speeches, adverts, news articles all contain facts but how do you know if a story or claim has actually been fact checked? A new website, Fact Check Central, recently launched by the British organisation Sense about Science, gathers a number of fact checking blogs all in one place, making it easier to follow who is checking what.

The blogs included so far cover diverse topics, such as health, education, immigration, Europe, Africa and the economy as well as Sense about Science’s own ‘For the Record’ series, which sets the record straight when scientific evidence is misrepresented in the news. Fact checking blogs not only highlight incorrect assertions but often take a closer look at the research behind a claim, explaining the nature of the research, the results and how they have been interpreted.

The organisation hopes that this new resource will result in fact checking initiatives being used and shared more widely.

For more information visit Fact Check Central.

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