Online experiments part of UK National Science and Engineering Week

It’s National Science and Engineering week in the UK.

Organised by the British Science Association, this annual event is a UK-wide locally driven extravaganza, involving many local science festivals and events up and down the country.

However for those who prefer the comfort of the arm-chair, this year they can take part in on-line experiments without leaving the house!

Your Hidden Reality is an online survey about parallel universes. People are invited to take an imaginative leap into the wonders of the cosmos and reveal what parallel worlds they imagine themselves living in.

The Ad-Lab is an on-going experiment mapping out the influences of advertising on our attitudes and buying habits.

The Musical Moods sound experiment is designed and run by the BBC and acoustics expert Professor Trevor Cox. People will be asked about their feelings towards a range of different TV theme tunes from soap operas to the news to comedy shows, and the emotional response they provoke. The aim is to have a new way to map out decades of TV history through sound.

Something to do if you are feel like staying inside this weekend…..

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