Science of Spring at the White House

Every year there is an Easter Egg roll at the White House. Last year I blogged about the president introducing a science stand at this event, and I wondered whether it had made a reappearance this year.

I am pleased to say it did. For the second year running, the AAAS came with a science activity. This year it was The Science of Spring section where children could dissect, study and plant seeds. There was a kite making activity by the Lawrence Hall of Science and a couple of celebrity chefs talked about healthy food and cooking.

So good for you Mr Obama! It is great to see science taking a central role in a cultural event, alongside other activities including yoga, a smoothie bar, cooking, bee-keeping demonstrations, and egg-dying stations. And all on your front lawn! Maybe you can have a word with the other world leaders when you have a moment…..

Click here for the AAAS press release


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