VA´s Board of Directors is made up of representatives from its member organisations:


Ann Fust

Anna Hedlund
The Swedish Federation of Young Scientists

Lars Hultman
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Magnus Höij
Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies (FSIC)

Sigbritt Karlsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Ulrika Lindstrand
The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers

Betty Malmberg
Chair of the Swedish Society for MPs and Researchers (RIFO), Member of Parliament

Lisa Månsson
The Swedish Museum of Natural History

David Samuelsson
The Swedish Adult Education Association

Sven Stafström
The Swedish Research Council

Tuula Teeri
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Lars Truedson
Institutet för mediestudier

Urban Wass

Secretary to the Board

Martin Bergman

Nomination Committee

Agneta Bladh
Kerstin Norén
Åke Svensson