PCST– International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference Virtual

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24 maj 2021–27 maj 2021
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Having been postponed from May 2020, the international PCST conference PCST2020+1 is taking place this year as a fully virtual event.  The conference is aimed at bringing together practitioners, educators and researchers in the diverse and growing field of science communication from across the globe. VA (Public & Science) will take part in a number of sessions and presentations at the event.

The programme features plenary talks, panels, individual papers and insight talks and well as roundtable discussions, workshops and visual presentations.

The main programme runs over the week of 24 May 2021.  Visual presentations run from 27 April – 13 May and workshops from 17 – 20 May 2021. NB All session times are BST (British Summer Time). Sessions will be available live, as well as on demand after the event to allow delegates to watch sessions at a later date. View the PCST2020+1 programme.

VA is involved in 7 sessions. Hear about the results of four of our studies on researchers’ views on communication; researchers’ awareness and understanding of open science; the public’s views on humanities research; and communication on the coronavirus. Plus join us for roundtable discussions on innovative methods and activities for engaging the public in the research process through Open Science.

Tuesday 25 May

14:15 – 15:30 BST  Individual paper

(Re)Turn to trusted experts and traditional media? Communication behaviour and science attitudes during the pandemic in Germany, Italy and Sweden

Author: Barbara Saracino, University of Bologna, Italy
Co-author: Gustav Bohlin, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Co-author: Massimiano Bucchi, University of Trento, Italy
Co-author: Ricarda Ziegler, Wissenschaft im Dialog, Germany

Wednesday 26 May

08:30 –  9:45 BST  Individual paper

“I want to, but there is no time!” – a Swedish survey on researchers’ views on communication

Author: Gustav Bohlin, VA (Public & Science), Sweden


10:00 –  11:15 BST  Demonstration

Co-Creating a New European Science Engagement Platform

Chair: Cissi Askwall, EUSEA President, Secretary General of Vetenskap & Allmänhet, Sweden
Rebecca Winkels, Project Manager, Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin, Germany
Anna Maria Fleetwood, Senior Advisor External Relations Swedish Research Council, Sweden

Thursday 27 May

08:30 –  9:45 BST  Insight talk

Open Sesame! What do researchers think of Open Science?

Author: Gustav Bohlin, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Co-author: Martin Bergman, VA (Public & Science), Sweden


10:00 –  11:15 BST  Individual paper

Terra incognita – shedding light on the public’s views of humanities research

Author: Martin Bergman, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Co-author: Fredrik Brouneus, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Co-author: Gustav Bohlin, VA (Public & Science), Sweden

10:00 –  11:15 BST  Roundtable discussion

Engaging the Public through Open Science – Putting theory into practice

Chair: Helen Garrison, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Maria Hagardt, VA (Public & Science), Sweden
Emma Martinez, Babraham Institute, United Kingdom
Pedro Russo, Leiden University, Netherlands


In addition, a Visual Display of Presentations are being held from 27 April – 13 May:

Wednesday, 28 April

11:00 BST  Visual presentation

Participatory science communication and citizen science

Martin Bergman, VA (Public & Science), Sweden will be presenting  Stuck without the middle – how facilitators can help researchers do better citizen science.

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