12/12 2012 – Confidence in researchers increases

Press release 12 December 2012

A large majority of Swedes have a high level of confidence in researchers. Most of them also believe that both scientific and technological developments have made life better for people. At the same time, the number of people who believe that research can help boost economic growth has reduced.  These are the findings of VA’s (Public and Science) latest VA barometer, an opinion survey on how science is perceived by the public.

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05/12/2012 – Marie Dacke is nominated best science communicator in Sweden

Press Release 05/12/2012

A researcher in sensory biology at Lund University has won the final of the first Researcher Grand Prix in Sweden – a national competition in which competitors present their research in a very short amount of time. Marie Dacke was selected as the winner by an expert panel of judges and the audience at an event held last night.

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A widening gap in public confidence in research

Press Release 21 March 2012

Public confidence in scientists and research has declined over the past decade. Differences in attitudes are becoming greater between highly educated and less educated people. These are the findings of a new analysis that has been done of opinion surveys carried out by VA (Public and Science), together with the SOM Institute.

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Research by young people reveals that we refrigerate our food at too high a temperature

Press Release 16/01/2012

In three out of four cases, meat is being stored at a higher temperature than the recommended maximum of 4 ° C.  This is the finding of new research carried out by over 1,800 Swedish pupils. The pupils were examining their refrigerators as part of the Swedish Researchers’ Night science festival.

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13/01/2012 – Promote best practice in public engagement! – that’s VA’s recommendation for the Swedish research bill

Press Release 13/01/2012

Foster public engagement activity and knowledge transfer between science and society! That is the main message of VA’s (Public and Science) submission to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research for the forthcoming new research and innovation bill.

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05/12/2011 Four out of ten Swedes: Support Nobel-prize winning research!

Four out of ten Swedes agree that Sweden should support research that could potentially lead to Nobel prizes. Two out of ten disagree completely. These are two results from the latest barometer on the public’s opinion of science and research from VA (Public and Science).

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14/06/11 Reward researchers for dialogue!

Make it worthwhile for researchers to engage with society! That is what Swedish association VA (Public and Science) recommends in a new report to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. Engagement with society and external collaborations should be measured, assessed and taken into account when allocating research funding to universities.

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26/05/11 Fraud and outside control destroying confidence in research

Confidence in scientists has declined in recent years. According to a new study from VA (Public & Science), this is because of suspicions that research is being controlled by people with vested interests and because of reports of research fraud.

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Confidence in scientists on the decline

Press Release 18 December 2010

Confidence in scientists has declined by at least 12 percentage points over the past year. At the same time the number of Swedes who believe that astrology is a science is increasing. This is according to the new barometer study from Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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07/06/10 Climate for research in decline

Only one in four Swedes, 27 percent, think that Sweden has a good research climate. Just under half, 45 percent, believe that more investment in research will lead to a better society for all. These are two conclusions from a new study conducted by Swedish organisation VA (Public & Science), in cooperation with the SOM Institute.

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