Swedes’ trust in research on the rise again

The Swedish public’s trust in researchers at universities is rising. 84 percent say that they have fairly or very high trust, compared with 74 percent in the previous year. Nine out of ten Swedes believe it is important for the public to be involved in research and more than half would like personally to get involved, particularly in health research. These are some of the findings from the annual VA Barometer conducted by Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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Renewable plastics researcher voted Sweden’s best science communicator

Press release 151204

Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy, a researcher in renewable plastics at the University of Borås, has won the Swedish 2015 Researchers’ Grand Prix and the title of Sweden’s best science communicator. Sunil’s presentation about plastics manufactured from corn, soybeans and flaxseed captivated both the audience and the jury at the final in Stockholm.

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European science festival celebrates 10th anniversary in 27 towns across Sweden

Press release 150831

On 25 September it’s time for the European science festival Researchers’ Night that is taking place in 300 cities throughout Europe. In Sweden 27 towns are inviting schoolchildren and the general public to meet scientists in a range of activities, including workshops, science shows, science cafés and behind-the-scenes tours of research labs. The aim of Researchers’ Night is to show that scientists are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs.

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Carrots and apples on top as Swedish pupils help scientists map their eating habits

Press release 150529

Swedish children and teenagers are pretty diligent at eating fruit and vegetables, according to the results of a mass experiment organised as part of Researchers’ Night. In the Vegetable Experiment, scientists at the Swedish National Food Agency enlisted the help of over 5500 pupils, who acted as research assistants for a day. Carrots and apples top the list of most eaten vegetables and fruit.

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Swedish children to help climate scientists by burying tea bags

Press release 9 February 2015.

Is it possible to read the future in tea leaves? This is what scientists at Umeå University are hoping to find out and they are now looking for school classes across Sweden to participate in a mass experiment that will help to inform climate change research. The so-called ‘Tea Bag Experiment’ is part of the European science festival, Researchers’ Night.

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Swedes keen to get involved in research

Press release 26 January 2015

Public confidence in scientists is falling in Sweden, especially among Swedish men. There is also a decrease in the number of Swedes who believe that scientific developments are improving their lives. At the same time, one in two Swedes are keen to get involved in research to tackle major societal challenges. These are some of the findings from the latest barometer conducted by Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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New Swedish report looks at links between media reporting of science and public confidence

Press Release 9 December 2014.

For a majority of the Swedish population, the mass media is the most important source of information about research. When public confidence in scientists and research dipped for a couple of years around 2010, the Swedish organisation VA (Public & Science), together with the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg, decided to investigate whether the way the media reports science could be one reason for this decline in confidence.

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Dentist voted Sweden’s best science communicator

Press release 28 November 2014.

Michael Braian, a researcher in dental prosthetics at Malmö University, has won the 2014 Swedish Researchers’ Grand Prix. This is a national competition that challenges researchers to present their research to a public audience in an entertaining and informative way within a set time. Michael’s presentation about 3D printing of teeth was voted winner by the audience together with an expert panel of judges.

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Swedish researchers seek pupils to help map eating habits

Press Release 13 May 2014

How much fruit and vegetables do children and teenagers consume in Sweden? The Swedish National Food Agency is looking for investigative pupils who want to be research assistants for a day. This mass experiment is part of the science festival, Researchers’ Night.

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