Young People’s Attitudes towards Science

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27 jun 2008

Malmö högskola

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Young people are often looked upon by grown-ups as ignorant and having “bad attitudes”. In many countries there are worries about declining interest in science studies.

Welcome to a session during the PCST (Public Communication of Science and Technology) conference in Malmö focusing on young people’s interest and engagement in science and research. Let’s share experiences and best practice on a global level!

Key findings of studies from different countries will be presented and commented by Ilan Chabay Professor in Public Learning and Understanding of Science, Göteborg University, Karin Hermansson Research Manager VA, Shunke Shi Associate Professor China Research Institute for Science Popularization, Svein Sjøberg Professor in Science Education and head of the international ROSE (Relevance of Science Education) project, Oslo University and Annette Smith Director of Regions, the BA and former EUSCEA President.

Key questions will also be discussed by all participants in round table format.
Moderators: Cissi Askwall and Camilla Modéer, VA

Organiser: VA

PCST conference website

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