VA presentations at PCST

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18 apr 2012–20 apr 2012
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Congress Center, Palazzo dei Congressi

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VA will give three presentations during the international PCST 2012 conference. PCST stands for Public Communication of Science and Technology and the conference is organised every second year by the PCST network.

Thursday 19 April 11:00-12:15 Engaging young people in mass experiments. Experiences from Sweden, Cissi Askwall, VA, as part of the session Children and Young People

Thursday 19 April 13:15-14:30  Science Dialogue Toolbox – best practices of science communication, Cissi Askwall VA, as part of the session Dialogues and Debates

Thursday 19 April 14:30-15:45 Public Engagement Activities by Scientific Institutions: Perspectives of Analysis and Methodological Issues

The session will be devoted to discuss theoretical and methodological issues concerning the measurement of public engagement’s activities realized by the scientific institutions. The idea is to confront different perspectives about the role, the resources and the constraints which scientific institutions have to face in order to design, realize and evaluate their activities of public communication and public engagement.


Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer  VA, Sweden
Federico Neresini University of Padova, Italy
Cristóbal Torres-Albero Uam, Spain, with Jesús ReyRocha Cchs, Csic, Spain, and Manuel Fernández Esquinas Iesa, Csic, Spain

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