Urban Lunch Talk #4: Sustainable Land-use and Urban infrastructures – The Dilemma

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In the third episode of JPI Urban Europe’s webinar series Urban Lunch Talks, we will explore the urban dilemma of sustainable Land-use and Urban infrastructures. Join the conversation!

Point of Departure…

Cities and urban areas in general attract people and create positive effects out of agglomeration, density, and diverse and intersecting infrastructures and facilities. These positive effects of urbanisation are underpinned by integrated urban planning and management by public administrations and across diverse public and private actors. Particularly supported by public engagement and participation in decision- making relating to land-use management, flows of people, flows of information and resources, place-making, and impact on existing settlements and environs affected.

At the same time there are also consequently risks involved and currently increasingly wicked problems around e.g. congestion and accessibility, loss of identity or demand/waste of natural resources. Furthermore, urban areas may succumb to conflict and clashes between powers, mismanagement of transportation flows, existing tensions intensify and severely delimited progress towards sustainable urbanisation will ensue. Added to this, increased spatial and social inequalities between city centres and suburbs may be caused by increasing economic polarisation, segregation and gentrification dynamics, suburban sprawl, and shrinking cities in functional regional contexts.

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