Urban Lunch Talk #2: Digital Transitions in Urban Governance – The Dilemma

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14 dec 2018

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In the second episode of JPI Urban Europe’s webinar series Urban Lunch Talks, we will explore the urban dilemma of digital transitions in urban governance. Join the conversation!

Point of Departure…

Digitalisation and related technologies are implemented in an accelerating pace across Europe and in many parts of the world’s urban areas. It offers potential for economic development and innovative urban planning and it empowers and engages citizens to shape their urban environments through digital democracy. In urban governance, digitalisation improves social policies and presents major opportunities to support sustainable solutions if data sovereignity is clear and regulations are in place.

Though, in current digital transitions, urban governance may risk implementing suboptimal technical solutions if city administrations neglect to work with capacity building in public innovation governance. In order to expand the current policy scope in urban digitalisations, efforts to include issues such as poverty, education and marginalised neighbourhoods need to be taken into account.

Speakers include:

  • Moderator Cissi Askwall, Secretary General, CEO of the Swedish NGO Public & Science, VA, who has a long and passionate experience of research communication and public engagement.
  • Panellist Béla Kézy, Thematic expert at URBACT, Béla is the founder and managing director of MEGAKOM Development Consultancy, Hungary, focusing on regional and urban development and supporting European programmes and projects.
  • Panellist Marina Neagu, Co-founder and partner at the consultancy MKBT: Make Better. Marina is a development professional with work experience in Romania and Eastern Europe. Her academic background is in urban economy, local economic development and spatial planning.
  • Panellist Patrick Arthur Driscoll, Project Manager at the Department of Architecture and Planning at NTNU. Patrick’s primary research interests lie in the field of decision making and climate change planning, focusing on planners’ understanding of the relationship between mitigation and adaptation.

Participants from anywhere in the world may join the conversation through chat rooms, polls and Q&A sessions!

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