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University of Aberdeen

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VA will give five presentations at the Public Communication of Science and Technology, PCST, conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, 26-28 May 2020. The subjects of the talks are presented below.

Engaging the Public through Open Science – Putting theory into practice

This session will showcase a range of innovative methods and activities for engaging the public in the research process through Open Science from around Europe. In collaboration with colleagues from Babraham Institute, UK and Leiden University, the Netherlands.

“I want to, but there is no time!” –  a Swedish survey on researchers’ views on communication

Results from a large-scale survey with 3,699 Swedish researchers about their views on communicating with non-scientific audiences will be presented together with a survey targeting 169 communication professionals.

Open Sesame! What do researchers think of Open Science?

This session will present results from interviews and a survey revealing Swedish researchers’ understanding/awareness of- and hopes/concerns about Open Science.

Stuck without the middle – how facilitators can help researchers do better citizen science

Based on 11 years’ experience of facilitating citizen science through our annual mass experiments, this session will present an emerging model for successful coordination of such events.

Terra incognita – shedding light on the public’s views of humanities research

This session will present data from our project Science in Society, where we have measured public confidence to different research areas since 2002, and are presently planning several in-depth studies focusing the seemingly lower relative confidence towards the humanities.

Please visit University of Aberdeen’s website to register for the conference.

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