PCST– International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference

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03 apr 2018–06 apr 2018
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University of Otago,

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Science, Stories and Society…the Soul of Science Communication

PCST Conferences take place every two years, bringing together practitioners, educators and researchers in the diverse and growing field of science communication. They include elements of academic and professional conferences, including presentation of research, reflections on practice, and practical workshops and demonstrations. They attract participation typically from more than 50 countries in all continents and have been hosted most recently in Turkey, Brazil, Italy and India. Each hosting has helped boost interest in PCST in the relevant city, region or country as well as strengthening international networking.

VA (Public & Science) will take part in a number of sessions and presentations at PCST 2018:

Wednesday 4 April


Public confidence in research – communication dos and don’ts for researchers

Author: Fredrik Brounéus 
Co-authors: Maria Lindholm & Ylva Norén Bretzer


The News Evaluator – fostering source criticism through citizen science

Author: Thomas Nygren
Co-author: Fredrik Brounéus

Thursday 5 April


Roundtable discussion: Be there. The importance of presence in a digital era. Stand-up and public seminars

Author: Jenny Björkman
Co-authors: Alexander Gerber, Duncan Needham, Rebecka Lennartsson, Lotta Tomasson, Frederik Fritzon & Nathalie Wierdak


Roundtable discussion: Supporting science communicators – new approaches

Author: Liesbeth de Bakker
Co-authors: Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Lotta Tomasson, Dacia Herbulock & Caroline Wehrmann


See the whole Conference-programme: http://www.pcst2018.org/pcst18/programme



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