Mission Impossible? A Science Café about Space Research

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07 dec 2006

National Museum of Science and Technology

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Sweden’s first astronaut Christer Fuglesang has been preparing for his maiden voyage for many years. So what does it take to be an astronaut? What is it really like up in space? Are there any limits to space exploration? And how does space research improve our knowledge of the world around us?

Discuss these and other questions with space researcher Anders Eriksson.

A Science Café is an open forum for anyone who is interested in science and technology. Over a cup of coffee or glass of wine, members of the public and scientists can get together and discuss the latest issues or new findings.

The session will also include a general discussion about the Science Café concept as well as useful practical tips about running your own. The sessions are part of The Nordic Science Center Association´s annual conference.

Science Café website

British Council and
National Museum of Science and Technology

Anders Eriksson, Swedish Institute of Space Physics,
Helen Garrison, British Council and
Cissi Askwall, VA

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