Whose Cities? Facing the Present and Exploring the Future

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31 jan 2019

Bio Capitol

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What are the urban innovations that can create more inclusive and livable cities?

The Night of Ideas is a dynamic interdisciplinary evening of discussions which is organised in over 20 cities internationally. The global theme for 2019 is ”Facing the Present”.

For the Stockholm edition of the Night, the theme will be elaborated to look at questions of quality of life in urban spaces and to problematize whose lives and experiences urban planning based on.

In the Night of Ideas, we will explore both the present and the future in order to ask ‘Whose Cities’ ? Through three panels, we will look at questions of gendered spaces, smart cities and environmental innovations as well as take a trip into outer space to look at how handicap is imagined in the science fiction cities of the future. 

The evening will continue with mini-presentations by prize winning researchers from the French-Swedish Research Association, a champagne mingle and the screening of the film, that also imagines cities of the future.

The Night of Ideas is organised by the French-Swedish Research Association.


Moderator: Anders Sahlman, Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA.

17:30 Doors open

18:00 Discussion: A City for All: Gender in the design and conceptualisation of Urban Space

  • Chris Blache, Socio-Ethnographer, Urban Innovation Platform of Cities and Gender, Paris
  • Tommy Krångh, Strategic planner for Gender and Accessibility, City of Örebro

18:30 Discussion: Smart Cities: Green innovations and transformations

 19:00 Performative Lecture – Future Handicap : Which bodies inhabit outer space ?

 19:30 Mini-Presentations – French-Swedish Research Association presents their 2019 prize winners

20:00 Welcome to the Champagne Mingle

20:30 Screening of FILM

Reserve your tickets:

Discussion 18.00–20.00https://www.capitolbio.se/booking?movie_id=408
Film 20.30https://www.capitolbio.se/booking?movie_id=409

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