Fifty shades of deceit. VA seminar at ESOF, Euroscience Open Forum

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25 jun 2014

Carlsberg museum

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One of two seminars that VA is running at the Euroscience Open Forum in Copenhagen.

Together with Nanayng Technological University, VA (Public & Science) is running a seminar on Fifty shades of deceit – transparency, accountability and public perception of research misconducton 25 June.

Scientific research sets itself high standards of conduct. When these are not upheld, researchers place great emphasis and reliance on self-regulation. But there are degrees of misconduct, with serious cases making media headlines. Yet there is an underlying issue of public confidence in research, especially when it remains substantially funded by the taxpayer who demands transparency and accountability. How research misconduct is reported is critically dependent on the relationship between science and the media. VA’s Director of Research, Maria Lindholm will present the findings of a new study that examines media coverage of research misconduct and whether these stories affect public confidence in science. Where is the balance between transparency and respect for individual rights to ensure fair hearings of cases? How does media coverage impact public confidence?

The discussion will be moderated by VA’s Secretary General Cissi Askwall and Carl Johan Sundberg, a VA Board Member.

Further information about the seminar on the ESOF website

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