ESOF session: How to motivate scientists to engage with the public

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15 jul 2012

The Convention Centre Dublin

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Science works for society. Much of it is funded by society. A failure to listen to the fears and concerns of society endangers the trust people have in scientists and the success of research itself. Therefore, public engagement must become an intrinsic part of research and fully integrated into the work of universities. To meet this challenge, there needs to be a change in both the processes and culture of research organisations. Scientists and policy makers in the main do not recognise how vital public engagement is to research success. How do we make researchers themselves believe in and initiate engagement activities?

At this session during EuroScience Open Forum 2012, an expert panel will present current research and sociological thinking, followed by round table discussions between all participants.

  • A European-wide survey and joint development by ESF Member Oganisation Forum on Science in Society Relationships will be presented by Camilla Modéer, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, member of the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Science in Society Relationships
  • A study conducted by Swedish organisation VA (Public & Science) that reviews activities and methods used in various European countries to foster public engagement will be presented by Karin Larsdotter, project manager at VA (Public & Science)
  • Research results on how scientists and European research institutions design the public in the contest of scientific innovation will be presented by Giuseppe Pellegrini, professor at the University of Padova and researcher at Observa, Italy
  • Action research that looks at the enablers and barriers to embedding engagement into academic culture, as part of the Beacons of Public Engagement initiative, will be presented by Sophie Duncan, Vice-director of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), UK


Carl Johan Sundberg Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and Cissi Askwall VA (Public & Science)

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