What is RRI?

Responsible research and innovation is about conducting research and innovation in a way that takes into account societal needs and challenges throughout the whole research and innovation process.

Image: EU RRI Tools project, rri-tools.eu.
RRI is an umbrella term and is about ensuring that research and innovation is undertaken in a way that is as inclusive as possible. It is also is about ensuring research and innovation is accepted by everyone concerned and that it contributes to sustainable development.

RRI includes the following policy areas: ethics, gender equality, governance, open access / open science, public engagement and science education .

Inclusiveness, openness and transparency throughout the whole process

RRI shouldn’t just be applied to research results and innovations but the whole research and innovation process as well, according to the following criteria:

  1.  diversity and inclusion
  2.  anticipation and reflection
  3.  openness and transparency
  4.  responsiveness and adaptive change

The criteria are described in more detail in the definition of RRI developed by the EU project RRI Tools.

In the toolkit, which has been developed by RRI Tools, you’ll find lots of good advice and resources for individuals and organisations who want to practice RRI. For example, you can find guidance on:

Similar resources for different purposes and a range of stakeholders: researcherspolicy makersbusiness and industrycivil society organisations and the education community, are also available.

How does VA work with RRI?

VA runs and is involved in many projects that promote responsible research and innovation:

  • Super MoRRI– will develop and improve methods for measuring activities within RRI (responsible research and innovation).
  • ORION Open Science
    – this project, which has now come to an end, aimed to make research in the life sciences and biomedicine more open and incorporate more societal perspectives into the research process.
  • RRI tools
    – this project, which has now come to an end, developed a toolkit to support Responsible Research and Innovation.
  • SciShops
    – this project, which has now come to an end developed an ecosystem for Science Shops in Europe.
  • Open science workshops (in Swedish)

Further information

Relevant social media hashtags: #RRI