We conduct annual attitude surveys to learn how the Swedish public views science, research and researchers. On this page, you can read about these surveys and our other studies investigating public attitudes.

Researchers’ Night, Stockholm 2018.

Our annual attitude surveys are conducted in two different ways:

  • The VA Barometer has been conducted annually since 2002 through telephone interviews with a sample of individuals representing the Swedish public aged 16-74, in cooperation with Exquiro market research company.
  • As part of the National SOM surveys, postal questionnaires are sent to a representative sample of 3,000 Swedish individuals aged 16-85 years living in Sweden. This Science in Society-survey has been conducted by VA in cooperation with the SOM Institute, (Society, Opinion, Mass Media) at Gothenburg University since 2002.

Other studies:

In the following articles and summaries you will find summarised results from the surveys:

| Vetenskap & Allmänhet

Swedes’ confidence in research decreasing?

PCST Paper 2008

Results from attitude surveys conducted over the past few years indicate that confidence in research is declining among Swedes. But there are also indications of an increased level of trust in what can be achieved through research in certain areas, such as climate change and health.

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| Vetenskap & Allmänhet

How the Public Views Science 2005 – Summary

Summary of VA report 2005:4

Since 2002, Vetenskap & Allmänhet have carried out an annual study into the public’s views of science and researchers. The aims are to build up the knowledge base of people’s opinions, attitudes and beliefs, and to measure any trends, patterns or changes in these. In other words, it aims to be a science barometer.

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