VA carries out studies and surveys with the aim of increasing knowledge about the relationships between science and society at large as well as more specific studies into societal groups such as journalists, teachers and the business community:

The public


  • School meets Science is a three-year project investigating how schools view research and their contact with researchers.



International studies

Business community


Young people

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Latest VA Reports in English:

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Strengthen Citizen Involvement and Public Engagement in Horizon Europe

The draft of the EU’s next framework programme for research and innovation is not addressing the needs to involve and engage citizens and civil society in research and innovation enough. VA therefore encourages the Swedish government and Swedish members of the European Parliament to act to make Horizon Europe a more citizen-oriented programme.

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New VA report: record high confidence in Swedish universities

Press release 21 June 2018

Concepts like ”post truth” and ”alternative facts” are being increasingly used, mainly in American politics, but also in debate internationally. Does this indicate a crisis of confidence in research? Not in Sweden anyway. A new report shows that the Swedes’ confidence in universities is greater than ever before.

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New VA study: Swedish researchers positive towards science communication

Swedish researchers view science communication as important but a lack of time and rewards remain the largest obstacles. The term ‘open science’ is relatively unknown but mostly associated with open access. These are some of the findings of a study conducted by the Swedish civil society organisation VA (Public & Science) together with the Swedish Research Council.

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