Attitude surveys on the public’s view of science and researchers are conducted in many countries and it is interesting to compare Swedish attitudes with those.

Public dialogues at Babraham Insitutet, Cambridge Science Festival.

We have therefore conducted analysis of foreign attitude surveys in 2002 and 2004. Two comprehensive Eurobarometers focusing on science and technology were presented in summer 2005 by the European Commission. VA has analysed these from a Swedish perspective and made comparisons with corresponding results from VA’s attitude surveys in 2002 – 2005. New studies are being published all the time and in an increasing number of countries. VA monitors and analyses these on an ongoing basis.

 Summary: Eurobarometers on Science 2005

As part of the EU ORION Open Science project, VA also conducted a survey to investigate

• Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries

in which citizens in six European countries were asked about their attitudes to life sciences research and genome editing in 2018.