Does the business community make maximum use of the research findings available to them? Are universities ensuring that their product – knowledge – is finding its way to the business community? VA has carried out a multi-part study during 2008 into how the business world regards science and research, and the relationships between researchers and companies.

The main component of this study is an interview survey carried out with the senior executives of a variety of companies. Experts from the business and academic world then share their reflections on the findings in five short articles. An analysis of the science-related content of a selection of trade journals is also given. Finally, additional perspectives on the issue are given by a survey of the public’s views of company-based research, as well as a literature survey.

A short summary of the results is found in The Value of Knowledge in the Business World, 2008:5.

The results were presented and discussed at a session organised by VA during ESOF 2010: Innovation beyond the lab – report from VA’s ESOF seminar.