VA carries out studies and surveys with the aim of increasing knowledge about the relationships between science and society at large as well as more specific studies into societal groups such as journalists, teachers and the business community:

The public


  • School meets Science is a three-year project investigating how schools view research and their contact with researchers.



International studies

Business community


Young people

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Latest VA Reports in English:

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Communication about corona – media reporting and trust during the Covid-19 pandemic – English summary

The corona pandemic has been a dominant topic in public discourse since the winter of 2020. In collaboration with researchers at Södertörn University and Karolinska Institutet, VA (Public & Science) has conducted a study to investigate how people in Sweden are receiving and interpreting information about the pandemic, and how the pandemic is being reported by the media. The objective was to investigate what influences people’s perceptions in a crisis situation where research and researchers play a central role amidst a constantly changing flow of information.

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Trust in science: assessing pandemic impacts in four EU countries

Trust in science is a key issue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing the novelty, complexity and impacts of the new coronavirus, the limits of scientific knowledge have been exposed. We are advised by experts to follow recommendations and respect restrictions even while their knowledge of the virus and the means to control it is provisional. In this article five experienced science communication researchers and practitioners discuss pandemic impacts for trust in Germany, Ireland, Italy and Sweden.

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New VA report – Swedes’ confidence in research is becoming increasingly polarised

The Swedish public continues to have a high level of confidence in universities and researchers. At the same time, there are clear signs of an ongoing polarisation, with a widening divide in confidence between different population groups. These are the findings presented in a new report by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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VA (Public & Science) undertook a study together with the popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg on behalf of The Swedish Research Council in 2019. The purpose was to investigate how research and science can be made more accessible in Sweden, both to the general public and to other target groups outside of academia.

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