The last Friday in September has been designated European Researchers’ Night by the European Commission. Throughout Europe activities are organised to show how exciting research can be and that researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs. The target group is the general public, especially young people. Activities include experiments, interactive activities, exhibitions, dialogue with researchers, science cafés, science shows, workshops and competitions.

European Researchers’ Night in the citycenter of Uppsala 2011. Photo: VA, Klas-Herman Lundgren.


European Researchers’ Night was organised for the first time in 2005 around Europe and in a number of locations in Sweden: Science Extravaganza in Stockholm.

In 2006, it was organised under the name ForskarFredag (ResearcherFriday) and was coordinated by VA. Since then, Researchers’ Night has been arranged annually and coordinated by VA in partnership with the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova.

Local events are arranged by universities or science centres. Researchers’ Night has grown from 9 cities in 2006 to 30 cities in 2019.

As part of European Researchers’ Night, VA organises the Researchers’ Grand Prix and runs mass experiments with schools across Sweden.

For more information about European Researchers’ Night in Sweden visit the ForskarFredag / European Researchers’ Night website

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