Researchers connected to the KTH Energy Platform and VA (Public & Science) have co-created an anthology on energy together.

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Energy is everywhere. We take for granted that it will be available when we want to heat our homes, cook, use our computers, mobile phones, escalators, cranes, X-ray machines, buses, trains, planes and cars. It is an integral, often invisible – and unfortunately rather unsustainable part of our lives.

Today, we know that the world’s energy system needs to be fundamentally transformed. This is crucial if we want to be able to slow down climate change and create a sustainable society. And we all have important roles to play in the transformation. But how do we change something we cannot see?

In this book, some of Sweden’s leading energy researchers share their views on familiar and less familiar challenges and solutions related to the energy system of the future. The purpose of the anthology is to stimulate conversation and constructive debate so that we can address the challenges in open dialogue and ensure that our future is shaped by facts and knowledge. The anthology is co-created through workshops and training in science communication organised jointly by KTH and VA.

Read and download the book as a PDF or order copies via ”Print on Demand” from the publisher.

Chapters and authors:

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Towards the energy of the future – New popular science book

The anthology “Towards the energy of the future – the invisible revolution behind the electrical socket” is here! In the book, researchers from the KTH Energy Platform discuss known and less known challenges and solutions concerning the energy of the future. VA researcher Fredrik Brounéus is one of the editors and co-authors of the book. 

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