About VA

VA is an independent Swedish non-profit membership organisation that works to promote dialogue and openness between researchers and the public.

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VA is an outward-looking organisation engaged in a number of European projects. Find out about the experience and expertise that we can bring to partnerships.

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VA carries out many different types of projects, including studies, public engagement activities and advocacy work.

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VA (Public & Science) has its offices within the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Grev Turegatan 14, Stockholm.

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News articles

In search of the future of science communication

How can science communication be better adapted to the conditions of today? This is something that has been investigated as part of the EU RETHINK project, in which VA was responsible for the Swedish hub. The project, which has now come to an end after three years, has produced a range of resources and recommendations to strengthen science communication across Europe.

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Activity summaries:

Boom in Swedish citizen science – conference and new...

December saw the launch of Sweden’s national citizen science portal, medborgarforskning.se. At a conference on citizen science run by VA (Public & Science) on 8 December 2021, the portal was highlighted, along with the already up-and-running European portal EU-Citizen.Science.

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Press releases

VA Barometer 2022: Swedes’ confidence in researchers...

Press release 27 January 2022 Never before have so many Swedes had such high confidence in researchers at universities. This is one of the findings of this year’s VA Barometer, conducted by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science). It is the 20th Barometer since it was first conducted in 2002.

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Here you can find VA Reports and Papers (in English)

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Inspiration & suggestions for different kinds of Science communication activities:

VA’s definitions:

Citizen Science

... involves researchers co-creating with the public during the research process.

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Open Science

...is about making research more accessible and transparent to other researchers and wider society.

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...is about conducting research and innovation in a way that takes into account societal needs and challenges throughout the whole research and innovation process.

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Science Communication

... is communication about research with those outside of the scientific community.

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