Science Café

the public’s points of view drives the conversation

A Science Café is a meeting place for anyone who is curious about research. Over a cup of coffee or other refreshments the public and researchers sit down to discuss topical issues or new discoveries. Science Cafés are organised in many countries around the world.

Science Cafe Vetenskapsfestival 2015
Science Cafe at the international Science Festival in Gothenburg 2015. With Marine Biology Researcher Thomas Dahlgren and VA’s Lotta Tomasson.

The basic idea behind a Science Café is for the public’s questions and points of view to drive the conversation. The participating researcher or researchers provide a very brief introduction and then open the floor to everyone. Moderators make sure everyone has a chance to participate.

In Sweden, VA promotes the concept and supports organisations wishing to organise their own café conversations.

Public Engagement through Science Dialogue (paper presented at the conference PCST-10, 25 June 2008)


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