Kunskapsbiten, 18 röster om relationen forskare – politiker

Rapport 2006:4

I denna bok har nio politiker och nio forskare själva valt vad i relationen forskare – politiker de vill lyfta fram. De åsikter som framförs är helt och hållet deras egna. Drygt hälften har själva skrivit, de övriga har intervjuats. Intervjuerna och den sammanfattande kommentaren har skrivits av journalisten Lars Longueville.

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How the Public Views Science 2005 – Summary

Summary of VA report 2005:4

Since 2002, Vetenskap & Allmänhet have carried out an annual study into the public’s views of science and researchers. The aims are to build up the knowledge base of people’s opinions, attitudes and beliefs, and to measure any trends, patterns or changes in these. In other words, it aims to be a science barometer.

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What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists

Report from a Stockholm workshop

The boundary effect is a condition of altered friction and turbulence which occurs in the region where the atmosphere meets the ground. The workshop “Boundary Effect: What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists” held in Stockholm on Nov 9 2005, explored whether there might be an analogous set of rules that only apply at the interface of science and journalism. If so, how do conditions in this “know-man’s-land” affect science, the media and ultimately society as a whole?

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