The National Advocacy Platform responds to Horizon 2020 consultation on SwafS work programme 2016–2017

The consultation on the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society Work Programme 2016–2017 aims at obtaining “views and and contributions from a broad constituency on the potential priorities for the ‘Science with and for Society’ work programme part covering the period 2016–2017”. Läs mer

Misconduct and confidence – a media analysis

Does media coverage of research misconduct affect public confidence in science and scientists? This is the question that VA (Public & Science) has been investigating, together with the SOM (Society Opinion Media) Institute at the University of Gothenburg.

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How does a tree know it is autumn? – The Researchers’ Night Mass Experiment 2013

How does a tree know it is autumn? How is climate change affecting when the leaves of Swedish deciduous trees turn colour in the autumn? Are there variations in autumn leaf development between different tree species and in different locations in Sweden? Is it possible to study autumn using satellite images? These are the questions that the mass ‘Autumn Experiment’ is helping scientists to answer.

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Scientific culture in Sweden – A report prepared for the PLACES EC FP7 project

VA report 2012:3

This report describes the scientific culture in Sweden, focusing on the place of science in society and scientific culture in local policies. Some of the main science centres, museums and science events in Sweden are also described.

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