New VA report: record high confidence in Swedish universities

Press release 21 June 2018

Concepts like ”post truth” and ”alternative facts” are being increasingly used, mainly in American politics, but also in debate internationally. Does this indicate a crisis of confidence in research? Not in Sweden anyway. A new report shows that the Swedes’ confidence in universities is greater than ever before. Läs mer

How to engage the public thinking transdisciplinary – VA at Eusea annual conference

When engaging the public in science communication activities, it is crucial to choose topics close to hearts of the audience. Whether the audience is interested in climate change, football or health, the topics are transdisciplinary by nature – but how transdisciplinary are the activities at science festivals?

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VA goes Down Under to share experiences at PCST 2018

New Zealand was the host of the 15th global PCST science communication conference that took place in April 2018. Two VA colleagues travelled to the coastal city of Dunedin to present some of VA’s work in citizen science, scientific literacy and public engagement. The conference gathered around 400 delegates from over 40 countries to discuss the latest practices in the diverse and growing field of science communication.

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VA leading campaign for more evidence-based election debate

Politicians who make use of science, create better policies. But they must also take many things into account at the same time: science, values, economics, society’s opinions and attitudes. Some of these have more influence on certain issues than others and it is important to know why. Politicians need to be open about what they are basing their proposals and decisions on, and to be able to access and assess scientific evidence.

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Swedish citizen science initiative combines ladybird monitoring with AI

Biodiversity is under threat. Can an app that recognises different species of ladybirds help provide a solution? Pupils and members of the public from across Sweden are being invited to get involved in real research to find out in a mass experiment being run as part of the 2018 Researchers’ Night in Sweden. The Ladybird Experiment is a joint initiative between the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the civil society organisation VA (Public & Science).

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Finding the Vasa cannons–VA joins the search

When the Swedish warship Vasa capsized and sank in Stockholm harbour on her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628, there were 64 cannons on board. When she was salvaged in 1961, only three of these were found. What happened to the rest of the cannons? The general public will soon be invited to join the search as part of a new international project.

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New VA study: Swedish researchers positive towards science communication

Swedish researchers view science communication as important but a lack of time and rewards remain the largest obstacles. The term ‘open science’ is relatively unknown but mostly associated with open access. These are some of the findings of a study conducted by the Swedish civil society organisation VA (Public & Science) together with the Swedish Research Council.

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Awareness of science shops varies across Europe and between stakeholders

Awareness of science shops and community-based participatory research is much higher in Western Europe, than in other parts of Europe. Researchers are more likely to be familiar with these concepts than community organisations, the main beneficiaries, too. These are some of the results of a survey conducted by SciShops, a new Horizon 2020 project promoting the growth of science shops and community-based research in Europe. VA is a partner in SciShops and was responsible for conducting the survey.

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