Swedes’ confidence in researchers at record high

Press release 4 January 2014

Public confidence in scientists at universities is at a record high in Sweden and there is large support for investment in research, regardless of whether the results will be of immediate use or not. But age is a factor.  It is retired people in Sweden who are the most positive towards scientific progress. However, they are also the ones with the least faith in climate research, whereas young people are the most optimistic. These are results from the latest barometer conducted by Swedish non-profit organisation, VA (Public & Science).

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Sweden’s best science communicator revealed

Press release 6 December 2013

Andreas Ohlin, a researcher at Örebro University, has won the Swedish 2013 Researchers’ Grand Prix – the national competition in which contestants must present their research in a very short amount of time.  He was selected as the winner by an expert panel of judges and the audience on 5 December in Stockholm.

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Prize recognises scientists who stand up for science

In today’s society, scientists don’t just need to tell the public about their research. They must also be able to defend it, particularly if the research has social implications and is of high public interest. This is what a recently launched UK prize acknowledges.

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Let’s Talk Science – new best practice manual for science communicators

Are you planning a science communication event? A new best practice manual provides advice on key elements to make your event successful, attract new audiences, identify topics, and define content and structure. Evaluation methodology and checklists are also included.

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Science matters: 300 cities celebrate Researchers’ Night

Robotic shows, live link-ups with NASA scientists, energy-generating dancing, murder mysteries to solve and real-time outdoor projections of the sun. These were just a few of the thousands of free activities that took place on 27 September at the 2013 Researchers’ Night – Europe’s largest science festival.

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Researchers battle to win the audience’s votes

Press Release 26/08/2013

It should be fast-paced, understandable and above all exciting. The Researcher Grand Prix competition was run for the first time last year. Now it is time for researchers in different scientific fields to step into the spotlight. This year’s 60 contestants will be talking about leg amputations, login security, the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf and many other subjects – in just three minutes.

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Public confidence in research declines

Press release 25 June 2013

Public confidence in scientists has increased in the past year. Whereas, at the same time, confidence in research conducted in Sweden has declined. These are the findings of a new survey carried out by VA (Public & Science) and the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg.

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Children to help researchers map climate change

Press release 20 May 2013

Is climate change leading to a delay in when leaves turn colour in the autumn? Pupils from across Sweden will be helping researchers determine how the climate is affecting the growing season of plants and the onset of autumn. This mass experiment is part of the science festival Researchers’ Night.

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