How accessible is Swedish housing? Swedish pupils and senior citizens join forces to investigate

Press release 22 September 2021

During September and October, Swedish school pupils, senior citizens and anyone interested will be investigating the environmental barriers that can be found in Swedish housing. To assist them, they will be using a folding rule and mobile app. The research project, the Housing Experiment, is a collaboration between the Swedish Researchers’ Night science festival known as ‘ForskarFredag’ and researchers at Lund University. Läs mer

New portal to help counter myths against covid vaccination

How do you have a constructive conversation with someone who doesn’t want to or is reluctant to be vaccinated against Covid-19? A new web portal has been launched in Sweden to help ordinary people address myths and misconceptions about the vaccines, using evidence-based advice and support. It is available in Swedish, English, Arabic and Somali.

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ForskarFredag 2021: Ask researchers about home and life in the future

During ForskarFredag, thousands of children, young people and adults will meet hundreds of researchers around Sweden. Research on the major issues for the future will be discussed, analysed and put to the test by universities, colleges, science centers, museums and via online events. It’s time for ForskarFredag!

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Engage the public in science through dialogue and co-creation – top tips and tricks

Global societal challenges together with growing public interest in science present both opportunities and challenges for the research world. Open Science is a way to ensure that citizens are involved in research, and that the views of different stakeholders are taken into consideration. How science communication practitioners, researchers, policy makers and research funding bodies can engage successfully with the public, and ensure that their values and interests are taken into account, was showcased and discussed at an international workshop on 25 June 2021.

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Communication, co-creation and corona – VA at the virtual PCST conference

This year’s online PCST conference provided VA with an opportunity to showcase the results of a number of its studies and public engagement and open science projects. VA’s contributions included visual presentations, insight talks and a roundtable discussion to delegates participating from numerous time zones across the globe.  

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Become a better science communicator by competing in the Researchers’ Grand Prix!

How good are you at explaining your research? In the Researchers’ Grand Prix, researchers compete to see who can present their research in the most engaging, educational and understandable way – in just 4 minutes! Applications are now open for Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital, an online heat that is open to researchers throughout Sweden. Submit your application, gain an experience of a lifetime and the chance to win 15,000 SEK. Läs mer

Swedish pupils and researchers together tackle food waste

Better climate information reduces waste in the school canteen. This is a clear finding of the Food Waste Experiment, a mass experiment in which around 700 pupils from 27 schools in Sweden helped researchers to investigate whether ”nudging” can reduce food waste. The Experiment was run as part of the science festival ForskarFredag, the Swedish European Researchers’ Night.

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Coronavirus in the Swedish media – polarised confidence in government officials

Swedes’ confidence in government officials varies greatly depending on their political leanings. Politicians are perceived as more in agreement when it comes to their views on how the corona pandemic is being handled in Sweden. These are some of the latest findings of a study being conducted by the non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) to investigate communication about the coronavirus in Sweden.

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