Swedes keen to get involved in research

Press release 26 January 2015

Public confidence in scientists is falling in Sweden, especially among Swedish men. There is also a decrease in the number of Swedes who believe that scientific developments are improving their lives. At the same time, one in two Swedes are keen to get involved in research to tackle major societal challenges. These are some of the findings from the latest barometer conducted by Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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Swedish stakeholders welcome European push for responsible research and innovation

The move towards promoting more responsible research and innovation (RRI) in Europe has been welcomed by Swedish stakeholders. At a recent workshop, that marked the first step in a new European project, representatives from a diverse range of organisations, including research, civil society, education, policymaking and industry, were able to express their ideas and needs in realising RRI in Sweden.

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New Swedish report looks at links between media reporting of science and public confidence

Press Release 9 December 2014.

For a majority of the Swedish population, the mass media is the most important source of information about research. When public confidence in scientists and research dipped for a couple of years around 2010, the Swedish organisation VA (Public & Science), together with the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg, decided to investigate whether the way the media reports science could be one reason for this decline in confidence.

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Give European citizens a voice in setting research priorities!

Over the past 4 ½ years, PERARES, an EU-funded project, has been looking at ways of informing research agendas in co-operation with researchers and civil society organisations. A number of resources and reports are now available

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Dentist voted Sweden’s best science communicator

Press release 28 November 2014.

Michael Braian, a researcher in dental prosthetics at Malmö University, has won the 2014 Swedish Researchers’ Grand Prix. This is a national competition that challenges researchers to present their research to a public audience in an entertaining and informative way within a set time. Michael’s presentation about 3D printing of teeth was voted winner by the audience together with an expert panel of judges.

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Scientists awarded for tackling controversial issues

The 2014 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science has been awarded to Dr David Robert Grimes, a physicist at the University of Oxford, and Dr Emily Willingham, a science journalist in the US, in recognition of their work to confront misinformation and tackle controversial subjects.

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VA provides recommendations to the European Commission

Create more opportunities for dialogue between science and and the rest of society, for example through citizen consultations. Pay particular attention to audiences that are rarely involved in science communication activities. Work actively to involve all types of actors in Horizon2020, in particular civil society organisations. Create more research opportunities within the humanities and social sciences.

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Sweden one of most optimistic in EU about science and technology

Sweden is one of the EU countries with the most confidence in the potential of science and technological innovation to solve the societal challenges that we currently face, according to a new Eurobarometer. Swedes also rank climate change and the protection of the environment as their top priorities whereas, most of the rest of the EU want to see job creation and health care tackled first.

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The National Advocacy Platform responds to Horizon 2020 consultation on SwafS work programme 2016–2017

The consultation on the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society Work Programme 2016–2017 aims at obtaining “views and and contributions from a broad constituency on the potential priorities for the ‘Science with and for Society’ work programme part covering the period 2016–2017”. Läs mer