London Calling – Science Communication Forum showcases British expertise

Britain is often seen as a leader in public engagement and activity that creates dialogue between scientists, the public, media and politicians. A Science Communication Forum held in April in Gothenburg brought together over 350 science communicators from across Sweden to gain inspiration from four leading British experts on public engagement. The Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, also participated in the event. 

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Informative, rewarding and well-received. VA’s experiences at the Science & You conference in France

Science & You is a French cultural and scientific international event that was held from 2-6 June in Nancy, France. The programme consisted of a diverse range of activities for both public and professional audiences, with over 10,000 visitors in total. The Journées Hubert Curien Conference on the theme of science communication was attended by two VA colleagues, who both contributed with sessions.

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Carrots and apples on top as Swedish pupils help scientists map their eating habits

Press release 150529

Swedish children and teenagers are pretty diligent at eating fruit and vegetables, according to the results of a mass experiment organised as part of Researchers’ Night. In the Vegetable Experiment, scientists at the Swedish National Food Agency enlisted the help of over 5500 pupils, who acted as research assistants for a day. Carrots and apples top the list of most eaten vegetables and fruit.

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Getting the facts straight – new UK fact checking resource launched

Political speeches, adverts, news articles all contain facts but how do you know if a story or claim has actually been fact checked? A new website, Fact Check Central, recently launched by the British organisation Sense about Science, gathers a number of fact checking blogs all in one place, making it easier to follow who is checking what.

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London Calling – Forum for Science Communication

The UK is considered to be a role model for public engagement and dialogue between scientists, society, the media and politicians. Prominent British experts shared their experiences at the Forum for Science Communication on Wednesday afternoon 15 April and you can watch their presentations below.

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Swedish children to help climate scientists by burying tea bags

Press release 9 February 2015.

Is it possible to read the future in tea leaves? This is what scientists at Umeå University are hoping to find out and they are now looking for school classes across Sweden to participate in a mass experiment that will help to inform climate change research. The so-called ‘Tea Bag Experiment’ is part of the European science festival, Researchers’ Night.

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