Swedes losing confidence in researchers

This article first appeared in Science & Public Affairs, December 2007

Karin Hermansson and Esther Crooks chart the decline

Less than half of the Swedish public has confidence in researchers, according to a survey of 3 000 Swedes carried out by the Swedish association Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science).

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Measuring societal engagement – proposed indicators for resource allocation and academic merit rating

In this report the association VA presents a number of initiatives and projects in Sweden and other countries, a discussion about possible indicators and a set of proposals to the Academic Career Inquiry (Befattningsutredningen) and the Resources Inquiry (Resursutredningen).

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How the Public Views Science 2005 – Summary

Summary of VA report 2005:4

Since 2002, Vetenskap & Allmänhet have carried out an annual study into the public’s views of science and researchers. The aims are to build up the knowledge base of people’s opinions, attitudes and beliefs, and to measure any trends, patterns or changes in these. In other words, it aims to be a science barometer.

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VA-day 2005 on science and media

Erika Ingvald, freelance science journalist

Murmuring ripples through the packed auditorium of Studio 2, Radiohuset inStockholm. It is November, and the theme for the fourth VA-day is science and media.

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