Getting to grips with the bioeconomy with Swedish stakeholders

What is the bioeconomy? Is it always climate-friendly? Does it mean the sustainable use of natural resources? What are renewable resources and bio-based production? Does the bioeconomy include the circular economy and ecosystem services, or anything else? Two workshops held in December and January in Stockholm brought together a range of people with an interest in this field to discuss ways to increase public interest and knowledge about the bioeconomy. Läs mer

Mass star-spotting experiment to investigate light pollution in Sweden

Street lamps, illuminated signs and buildings – lights at night improve safety and make cities more attractive, but have also been shown to have negative effects for humans and animals. The more light there is, the fewer stars you can see in the night sky. In this year’s mass experiment, more than 11,000 pupils, families and other members of the public will help scientists measure light pollution by counting stars in the sky.

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VA Barometer 2019 – Swedish public have high confidence in research and researchers

Press release 7 February 2019

A large majority of the Swedish public have high confidence in research and researchers. In addition, most Swedes believe that science has made life better for ordinary people. These are some of the findings from this year’s annual VA Barometer conducted by Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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Large-scale survey to investigate what researchers in Sweden think about communication and open science

To what extent do researchers want to communicate with the external world? What barriers do they face and what type of support would be of help to them? Are they aware about the transition towards open science and what do they think about it? This week, a survey on communication and open science is being sent to a large proportion of researchers at Swedish universities.

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What do Europeans think about life sciences research?

The ORION Open Science report ”Public attitudes to life sciences research in six European countries” shows that interest in life sciences research is generally high among citizens and that the three most accepted purposes of using genome editing are related to the medical field. 6000 persons were interviewed in this pan-European study which was led by the ORION partners VA in Sweden and CEITEC in the Czech Republic. The full report is now published.

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New resources for Science Shops

As part of the EU SciShops project consortium, VA (Public & Science) has been helping to produce a range of resources to support both new and established Science Shops. The resources address various aspects of setting up and running a Science Shop and take into account different types of organisational models.

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