Swedish mass experiment investigates credibility of teenagers’ news feeds

Press Release 24 October 2017

How credible do teenagers think the news in their digital news feeds is? And where do they get their news from? Around 6,000 pupils have been helping researchers to investigate these questions in a citizen science project involving schools across the whole of Sweden.

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A Festival of Research across Europe

From Lisbon to Bucharest, Rome to Helsinki, on 29 September, researchers from 30 European countries and across 300 cities will be sharing their research with the public, through a range of hands-on activities, experiments, shows and talks to celebrate the annual European Researcher’s Night, Europe’s largest science festival.

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SciComm along the Silk Road – report on VA’s experiences in Beijing

At the beginning of June, VA’s Lotta Tomasson was invited to participate in the 2017 Beijing International Symposium on Science Communication. Sponsored by BAST – the Beijing Association for Science and Technology and organised by a number of Beijing-based organisations, including the Beijing Development Centre of Popular Science, the conference provided an interesting insight into science communication in China as well as an opportunity to share VA’s work and expertise.

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