Eternal life and the ethics of cloning – engaging topics for students and researchers

Could people be made smarter by injecting stem cells into their brains? Should humans be cloned? These were a few of the questions discussed when school students met with researchers at a dialogue event in Stockholm arranged by VA and Karolinska Institutet (KI, an medical university) on 12th October.

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Innovation beyond the lab – report from VA’s ESOF seminar

Businesses need new knowledge in order to innovate, develop and become successful. But how should these new ideas be obtained and by whom? These were the key questions discussed at an interactive seminar, organised by the Swedish association VA (Public & Science) on July 5 as part of 2010 EuroScience Open Forum in Turin, Italy.

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Science and politics – How can we bridge the gap?

Short summary

Far too rarely do politicians talk directly to researchers. What prevents them? And how can the dialogue be improved? These questions were vigorously discussed by distinguished members of both professions at an interactive seminar during ESOF2008.

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Science and Politics: How can we Bridge the Gap?

Report by Sarah Bunn and Martin Griffiths

Seminar at ESOF 18-22 July 2008 Barcelona. Organised by Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science), Sweden in co-operation with Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, UK.

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VA-day 2005 on science and media

Erika Ingvald, freelance science journalist

Murmuring ripples through the packed auditorium of Studio 2, Radiohuset inStockholm. It is November, and the theme for the fourth VA-day is science and media.

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What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists

Report from a Stockholm workshop

The boundary effect is a condition of altered friction and turbulence which occurs in the region where the atmosphere meets the ground. The workshop “Boundary Effect: What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists” held in Stockholm on Nov 9 2005, explored whether there might be an analogous set of rules that only apply at the interface of science and journalism. If so, how do conditions in this “know-man’s-land” affect science, the media and ultimately society as a whole?

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Thousands flock to Science Extravaganza in Stockholm

Experience a volcano, investigate your own  brain and endure pain on a bed of nails. These were some of the events that attracted nearly 3000 curious young people to Science Event ”Utbrott pa Lava”.

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