How to engage the public thinking transdisciplinary – VA at Eusea annual conference

When engaging the public in science communication activities, it is crucial to choose topics close to hearts of the audience. Whether the audience is interested in climate change, football or health, the topics are transdisciplinary by nature – but how transdisciplinary are the activities at science festivals?

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VA goes Down Under to share experiences at PCST 2018

New Zealand was the host of the 15th global PCST science communication conference that took place in April 2018. Two VA colleagues travelled to the coastal city of Dunedin to present some of VA’s work in citizen science, scientific literacy and public engagement. The conference gathered around 400 delegates from over 40 countries to discuss the latest practices in the diverse and growing field of science communication.

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Swedish SwafS platform helping to shape the next EU research and innovation programme

Around 40 national representatives and experts from 23 countries gathered at the Swedish Research and Innovation Office in Brussels at the end of February to discuss the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP9. The meeting was organised by the Swedish Advocacy Platform for SwafS (Science with and for Society) and SiS.net2, the international network of National Contact Points for SwafS in Horizon 2020. Läs mer

A melting pot of creativity and inspiration – impressions from the annual Eusea conference

The annual Eusea (European Science Engagement Association) conference brings together science communicators from all over Europe and beyond. This year, VA contributed two sessions to the conference held from 29-30 May in Belgium. Lena Söderström from VA shares her experiences.

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ESOF session: Scicomm the Scandinavian way

Scandinavian countries have small and highly dispersed populations, but are also among the best digitally connected. What does that mean for science communication? In a EuroScience Open Forum session on 26 July in Manchester, scicomm activities run in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, were presented and their success factors and challenges discussed.

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ESOF attendees: Science needs to get out of the lab!

At a lively session at the EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (ESOF), a diverse international audience of some 80 communicators, researchers and professionals voted that making science a part of wider culture the biggest opportunity for public engagement.

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Building bridges in science communication. Report on VA’s experiences at PCST in Turkey

Istanbul was the host city for the 14th global PCST science communication conference that took place between 26 and 28 April 2016. The conference gathered some 300 delegates from 40 countries to discuss a wide range of issues in science communication practice, training and research. This year VA (Public & Science) contributed three engaging sessions to the programme on citizen science, factors influencing public confidence in science and ways of influencing Horizon2020, respectively.

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