Coronavirus in the Swedish media – growing disagreement amongst politicians

Prior to Christmas 2020, new restrictions were introduced in Sweden to reduce the spread of infection. At the same time, there was a decline in the public’s confidence in politicians, who were also perceived to be less in agreement about how the pandemic is being handled, than previously. These are two of the latest findings of a study being conducted by the non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) to investigate communication about the coronavirus in Sweden.

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Coronavirus in the Swedish media – confidence boost for politicians

Confidence in politicians is rising in Sweden following the new restrictions introduced by the Swedish government. The media’s reporting on the pandemic is perceived to be more hyped and alarmist. These are some of the latest findings of a study being conducted by the non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) to investigate communication about the coronavirus in Sweden.

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Inspiring public engagement practices at this year’s Engage Festival

This year’s Engage Festival, organised by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) in the UK, offered a week-long smorgasbord of discussions, workshops, inspiring examples of practice and networking for those working with public engagement. VA contributed to two sessions and gained lots of inspiration throughout the event held online from 30 November – 4 December.

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Digital ForskarFredag – a showcase of Swedish research to inspire both young and old

A mind-blowing science show from Umeå, exciting geological adventures with Minecraft from Uppsala, a rare chance to peek into an Olympic test centre for winter sports from Östersund, were just a few of hundreds of creative digital activities held during 23 – 29 of November all over Sweden as part of ForskarFredag, the Swedish branch of European Researchers’ Night.

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Boosting bioeconomy in the Nordics – Bloom Nordic Hub

The goal of the Nordic Hub in the European BLOOM bioeconomy project was to communicate the opportunities and challenges with the bioeconomy, as well as to increase knowledge and demand for forest-based products and materials amongst the public. Several initial meetings were held with research institutes, universities and companies in Finland and Sweden to understand their role in the bioeconomy, the products and services they provide and the challenges they are facing in communicating with society. From this knowledge gain, we set out on an exciting journey into the innovative sector of the forest bioeconomy. Läs mer

Let curiosity light up your November – ForskarFredag is back in a new format

The days are getting darker, temperatures are dropping and it’s raining almost every day. The majority of us think that November is the gloomiest month of the year here in Sweden…additionally COVID-19 continues to restrict our freedoms this year. There’s simply nothing exciting to look forward to this month other than Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… But don’t despair, there is hope for reprieve from our boredom!

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Strengthening university-society engagement – online conference sheds light on inspiring examples

As universities seek to strengthen their connections with their local communities, concepts like ’civic universities’ and ’public engagement’ can play a key role. To help inspire their members, the Swedish non-profit organisations VA (Public & Science) and Unilink jointly ran an online conference on 12 November, to gain a better understanding of these concepts in practice. 

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