Coronavirus in the Swedish media study – high public confidence in researchers and healthcare professionals

For three out of four Swedes, the news media is their primary source of information about the new coronavirus. In terms of the visibility of different professional groups in the media coverage, Swedes have the highest confidence in doctors and researchers, while there is a lower level of confidence in government officials. These are the findings of a new survey undertaken by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science). Läs mer

New Swedish study to investigate how information is being communicated to society during the corona pandemic.

The Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) has launched a study to understand how people in Sweden are receiving and interpreting information about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The project will include a number of surveys to measure public attitudes combined with studies of the actual media reporting. We invite other organisations to collaborate in the study, and are interested in hearing from those undertaking similar studies in other countries. The study is taking place during spring 2020.

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Let’s talk about genome editing!

What does the public think about the new genome editing technology and how should we talk about it? In Sweden and three other European countries, the EU project ORION Open Science has organised eight citizen dialogues to find out. Here we report on the two Swedish citizen dialogues held during January and February in Stockholm.

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KTH competition winners get Impact communications coaching at VA

Each year, KTH hosts the Energy Dialogue which aims to bring together researchers, industry and policy makers to address sustainability in urban energy systems. During the dialogue last year there was a poster competition. The winners were awarded Impact Communication Training at VA.

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Swedish pupils to participate in research to reduce food waste

Press release 13 March 2020

Can more information result in less food being wasted? Researchers will be investigating this together with pupils and teachers across the whole of Sweden in the ‘Get wise on food waste’ project. To assist them, they will be using an artificial intelligence app and the world’s largest food sustainability database. Läs mer

New report on European online science communication landscape

The EU project RETHINK, in which VA is a partner, has published its first report. The exploratory study maps online science communication in seven European countries on the topics of climate change, artificial intelligence and healthy diets. VA (Public & Science) was responsible for collecting the Swedish data.

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