GÄSTKRÖNIKA: Att förstå risker och vetenskapliga resultat

I massmedier och sociala medier stöter vi ofta på information om risker och vad som är bra eller dåligt för oss. En stor del av denna information har sitt ursprung i forskningsstudier. Det kan dock vara komplicerat att tolka dessa studier och resultaten kan behöva sättas i ett sammanhang för att vi bättre skall kunna förstå dem. Detta gäller inte minst under den pågående covid-19 pandemin.

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GÄSTKRÖNIKA: Back to the beginning

When I was a child, I wanted to become a writer. A writer of children’s books, to be more precise. Maybe this had something to do with me having devoured most of the books in the children’s library of my hometown in the Netherlands. This dream has faded away over time, but my appetite for writing and communication has not. Getting an insight as an intern into what a professional organisation as VA does on a daily basis to bridge the gap between science and society, feels like being invited into the chef’s kitchen.

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GÄSTKRÖNIKA: Science is Art is Science – Moving Across

Did you know that our brain is inhabited by millions of little garbage collectors? Or that the human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap? Can you imagine the detrimental effects of fat that is stored in the wrong place? Human biology is fascinating and marvellous. But why would you even care about this information? Läs mer

GÄSTKRÖNIKA: Science, passion and inspiration – ForskarFredag through a scientist’s eyes

Leon, Yonis, Diana and their classmates file into the room. They take a seat on the chairs that have been neatly lined up in front of the screen for them. I welcome them with a smile, but I can’t help wondering what they’re thinking. Are they looking forward to our meeting, or are they impatiently waiting for the next hour to pass so they can move on to their much more important weekend plans? Surely, they must be excited about this unconventional school day and curious to hear what I have to tell them… Right?

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