Swedish mass experiment investigates credibility of teenagers’ news feeds

Press Release 24 October 2017

How credible do teenagers think the news in their digital news feeds is? And where do they get their news from? Around 6,000 pupils have been helping researchers to investigate these questions in a citizen science project involving schools across the whole of Sweden.

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Många bäckar små – breda nyhetsflöden hos unga

Svenska ungdomars flöden av nyheter i sociala medier har många källor. De flesta av nyheterna upplevs som trovärdiga. Facebook levererar de flesta – men inte de mest pålitliga – nyheterna bland sociala medier. Det är några preliminära resultat från ForskarFredags massexperiment Nyhetsvärderaren.

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Swedish pupils to develop source criticism tool in unique research project

Press Release 18 May 2017

Fake news is a topic that is currently generating much debate. But what kind of news is streaming through young people’s digital news feeds? And how trustworthy do young people think this news is? For the first time, researchers and pupils from across Sweden will together be investigating these questions in a mass experiment being run as part of the 2017 Researchers’ Night in Sweden.

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From lost pets to bikes for sale: pupils map public notice boards across Sweden

What is the function of the physical notice board in the digital age? Over 1,500 pupils have been helping researchers from the Universities of Gothenburg, Stockholm and Örebro to investigate in a mass experiment involving schools across the whole of Sweden.

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