Swedish collaboration initiative to disseminate more science and research news

There are many Swedish actors that are interested in increasing access to research and research findings, according to a new study conducted by VA (Public & Science) and the popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg. The Swedish Research Council has subsequently committed to support the development of a collaborative national initiative on science communication and science journalism.

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Coronavirus in the Swedish media – has confidence passed its peak?

After a significant increase in April, the Swedish public’s confidence in government officials is now back at the same level as it was in March. Swedish Television (SVT) remains the media channel that most Swedes access for news about the coronavirus. These are the latest findings of a study being conducted by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).

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Swedish pupils to participate in research to reduce food waste

Press release 4 June 2020

Can more information result in less food being wasted? Researchers will be investigating this together with pupils and teachers across the whole of Sweden in the ’Food Waste Experiment’. To assist them, they will be using an artificial intelligence app and the world’s largest food sustainability database.

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GÄSTKRÖNIKA: Känner du till Systembolaget?

Det är ganska få svenskar som svarar nej på den frågan. I Sverige har vi ett alkoholmonopol som har de enda butikerna som får sälja alkoholdrycker över en viss styrka. Det är ett av våra två huvuduppdrag, att sälja alkoholdrycker med ensamrätt, utan vinstintresse och med ansvar. Det andra huvuduppdraget är att informera om alkoholens skadeverkningar. Det kanske inte är lika välkänt. Läs mer

Coronavirus in the Swedish media – less agreement amongst researchers and politicians

The Swedish public’s confidence in politicians who comment about coronavirus in the news is decreasing. Both researchers and politicians are perceived to be less in agreement about Sweden’s handling of the pandemic than in the previous month. These are the latest findings of a study being conducted by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science).  

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