Research for all – proposal for a Swedish platform for science communication

Many different Swedish actors want it to be easier to access research-based knowledge. This is one of the findings of a study undertaken by VA (Public & Science) for the Swedish Research Council. The new report provides suggestions on how a national platform for research news and science communication might be realised.

The study, which VA (Public & Science) carried out in 2022, contains a mapping of needs, possible target groups, content and services. It also provides recommendations for how a Swedish platform could be established, building upon the websites and the service Expertsvar (Expert answers for journalists). The conclusions are based on interviews carried out with around 90 Swedish actors, a user survey, workshops and studies of existing platforms in other countries.

There is considerable interest in establishing a national collaboration around science communication. Common arguments are that it would create synergies, be a more efficient use of resources and result in greater impact,

comments Cissi Askwall, Secretary General for the non-profit association VA (Public & Science).

The Swedish Research Council also highlights how the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have strengthened the need to make research-based knowledge accessible, and believes that the timing for a Swedish platform is right.

In order to realise a national collaboration around a platform, we now need a staged plan involving dialogue, co-creation and development. This is something that the Swedish Research Council will initiate in the near future,

says Mikael Jonsson, Head of Communications at the Swedish Research Council.

The study builds upon a pilot study Forskning.Framsyn (Research.Foresight) undertaken in 2020.You can read the report above or access it via the Swedish Research Council’s website at Research for all – a proposal for a Swedish platform for communicating science.

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