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These are some of the results of the 2021/22 VA Barometer.

Women and men are interested in research in different fields

  • Record numbers of Swedes have very high confidence in researchers
  • A growing number consume research news on a weekly basis
  • Podcasts are becoming an increasingly important channel for research news
  • Swedes who know someone who works in research are more interested in research, consume research news more frequently, and are more likely to consider working as a researcher than those who don’t know someone who works in research.

The VA Barometer 2021/2022 is based on 1,016 telephone interviews with a representative sample of the Swedish population aged 16–74. It is the 20th Barometer survey since VA was founded in 2002.

Download a PDF version of the 2021/2022 VA Barometer
Download the interview questionnaire

VA Report 2021:5

Authors: Martin Bergman, Gustav Bohlin, Fredrik Brounéus, VA.

Published: 2022

Number of pages: 36


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